Isaac Newton Never Had Sex

A storyteller’s imagination is grown on a diet of imperfections and all the bits “outside the lines”.
Step into my world of journal entries. Or better, step outside the box if you will. I had warned you that this blog would contain some uncomfortable truths – as well as insights and opinions that you might dislike me for.

But better a reaction than no reaction at all, right? After all, this is what makes good writing, and stories that actually stick.

Today’s entry (my first entry – eeep!) is about insanity.

Some of us wear insanity like pearls to adorn our creativity. Some of us run away from it, as though it’s a black dog chasing us in the middle of the street.

Either way, most creatives have it in some capacity. And I believe that insanity actually makes us more intelligent, innovative, and brave. In fact, all my favourite stories (including the ones written by myself) are about two sentences away from falling off the edge. Perhaps insanity is our greatest weapon.

So, what’s the deal with Isaac Newton?

Well, he (apparently) never had sex.

As well as being a genius, Newton was known for an alleged personality disorder and certain eccentric traits. Some people even go as far as claiming that Newton was appalled by the very act of sex and identified himself as an asexual. The reason for this was most likely because he was too consumed in his scientific work and discoveries.

Another theory claims that Newton was apparently gay, had a long-term relationship with a man, and then had a mental breakdown when that relationship came to an end.

Fortunately, we now live in a world where a person’s worth isn’t defined by their sex life (or lack of). The point that I’m trying to make is that whichever way you look at it, it’s clear that Newton had a complex story, and was never quite understood by most people.

However, today the scientist is rightfully celebrated for his enormous contribution to science, and the way we understand the world. I mean, this person has changed the way we look at apple trees! That’s a life achievement right there.

But, there’s no hiding the fact that he is perceived as “disturbed”. And Newton isn’t the only one.

From Vincent Van Gogh, to Frida Kahlo, to Virginia Woolf, some of the greatest minds of our time have been labelled with one recurring title:


Or maybe other words with similar meanings and connotations.

Of course, we can all agree that there’s nothing starkly “wrong” with Newton’s apparent celibacy. But it’s true that he was marked as “different” among many other high achievers in society – and I’m sure this sexless detail contributed to that.

Although, if we strip the world of all its filters and fabricated bullshit, then let’s be honest: nearly every human in this world is inherently insane.

I mean when did staring into your rectangular shaped phone in the middle of a tropical beach (where there are far more interesting things to stare at) to take a photo of your face while you’re pouting like a fish, become normal?

It’s actually kind of creepy if you think about it.

Or taking a photo of your breakfast without thinking twice about even eating it – as if the baked beans on your plate are akin to orange jewels and you’ll lose your worth as an Instagram diva if you fail to snap them right away?

Or looking like you’re talking to yourself in the middle of a busy road because it’s too tiring to hold your phone against your ear these days?

Or needing to INSTANTLY know when somebody has read your WhatsApp message, because those blue ticks have turned you into a modern-day, obsessive, compulsive stalker? (But the media has spinned it as “hustle culture”. What the fuck).

Forgive me, I’m not judging those who do the above. For goodness sake, I do the above on many occasions! However, I do believe that these practices too, are the very epitome of insanity. Even more so than grown men who are virgins, or writers who claim to see God in their art.

But society labels anything that’s different to what the majority do as “insane” – and so, the likes of Newton, Gogh, and Woolf were destined to stay on the outskirts really.

Is this such a bad thing, though? Because I think the reason why creative geniuses are labelled as “insane” isn’t because they’re the only ones who are actually insane.

It is just because they’re different.

And of course they’re different. Think about it: there aren’t many creative geniuses in this world so of course they will stand out.

Does this mean the more insane you appear to be, the more of a genius you are? Well, maybe or maybe not. It’s probably not as linear as that – but a lot of research claims there’s an intrinsic link.

I can tell you from personal experience, that the best stories are squeezed out of my fingertips when I am doing certifiably crazy things. These things don’t seem “crazy” to me – but waking up at three in the morning and writing until the sun rises, with the same song playing on loop (up to nearly 100 times) might seem weirdly ritualistic to some.

But bear in mind that creatives and intellectuals  – of any capacity – tend to have a deeper perception of life. This isn’t to sound pompous in any way, but when you have a human being who is literally baring their soul to the world every day, and allowing the world to eavesdrop into their most intimate thoughts, then that will have quite a significant impact on their emotional wiring.

All I ask is that the next time you label someone as “weird” or question Newton’s sanity because of some of his life choices, consider that you might actually be giving these people the greatest compliment. There’s a fine line between insanity and creative genius in my book; and sometimes the two tend to flirt with each other and wires can get crossed.

Get to know the people who like hugging trees, talking to themselves, and claim to see spirits in their dreams – without judgement.

You might just learn something from the crazy folk.

Or you’ll get a good story out of it, at the very least.